The Neverending Art Project: How I bit off more than I could chew (and digest)

Since 2003 I have been working with adolescent males that have been placed out of home at the O'Connell Youth Ranch. At 33 years of age, I have essentially spent my late adolescence and early adulthood operating within a group home setting and, as my wife could tell you, have assimilated some of the oppositional behaviors that are present in the home. Through my years at the Ranch, I have witnessed countless young men 'waste' their time with a 'fake-it-till-you-make-it' attitude that only serves to reify their disillusionment with the justice system and the adult world.

The Lawrence Creates Makerspace is Cooking!

Lawrence Creates Makerspace from Make Magazine

Lawrence Creates Makerspace Friends and Members,

There are so many good things going on at the Lawrence Creates Makerspace that it's hard to believe! Here are a few highlights.

Wow! I went into the Makerspace yesterday and pulled the latest copy of Make Magazine (thank you Josh!) out of the mailbox. I flipped it open - and there we are, named by Make Magazine as one of the Most Interesting Makerspaces! Check out the cellphone pic from the article!

Josh Feldman's Volcanos

Josh was always interested in earth sciences -- especially volcanos. He just didn't know that you could make a career of it. In college, he was intending to eventually work for the space program and took physics and math -- but the prerequisites for engineering were not as interesting as he thought they would be . When he took classes in geology, however, he found himself fascinated -- he liked the materials and he liked the people he was working with. In one of the classes, he got to go to Hawaii and visit all the volcanos.

The Brain Hackers!

A ragtag group of neuropsychology enthusiasts, electronics geeks, and software developers began meeting six months ago to develop a way of making creative consciousness visible -- and beautiful. Led by Matt Walsh, Barbara Kerr, and Joe Kearnes, the group decided to locate cheap, accurate EEG headsets; to develop software to translate brainwaves into light and sound; and to create protocols for helping people rapidly alter consciousness. We used standard procedures for adaptation, induction of busy, problem-solving consciousness (Beta) and relaxation (Alpha).

Please volunteer to help the Makerspace become financially self sufficient, and to keep usable items out of the dump - next Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday

KU Reuse Project Poster

Dear Makerspace members and friends,

If you aren't already signed up to help the Lawrence Creates Makerspace become financially self-sufficient, please donate four hours of your time on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of next week to help make that happen.

Our busiest day will be Friday, May 16 with Thursday May 15 next. On Friday we will work until midnight, when the last student has to be out of the dorm, so please volunteer for the busiest day and time you can.

Here's what will happen - as you'll see, the workload won't be too bad, but the impact will be GREAT!

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